About us

Andelia the Brand

The Andelia brand was born from the ever increasing need of natural and fair care products for skin and hair in Western society. The skin- and haircare products are mostly produced in African and Caribbean countries and are 100% natural and organic (and therefore Vegan Proof). These care products guarantee a natural and healthy diet of skin and hair. The products therefore do not contain perfume and (synthetic) preservatives. The products are also not tested on animals! Here you can read more about the different care products.

Andelia the person

The name Andelia derives from the mother of the founders. The mother of the founders, born in Santigron (village in Suriname), came at a very early age in contact with the care products that nature has to offer, and has learned use theese products in a respectful way. Her mother (the grandmother of the founders) is the producer of the Crabwood oil that Andelia has in the assortment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

All Andelia products are made fair under good conditions of the local population. With the purchase of the products Andelia also invests in the local population from where the products come from. The country of origin can be found on all products.