Blacksoap from Ghana 100gr / 3.52 oz – 100% puur


The African Blacksoap from Andelia contains the following ingredients:
– roasted sheets of plantain
– ashes of cocoa shells
– roasted bark of the kerite (shea) tree
– Roasted palm leaves
– Rich in vitamin A, E and iron

Benefits of African Blacksoap at a glance:
* Works against acne
* Reduces greasy skin
* Removes skin irritations such as dandruff
* Reduced eczema and psoriasis
* Also works well as a shampoo

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African Blacksoap (also known as Alata Samina Ose Dudu or African Black Soap) is made from sheets of plantain / plantain mixed with ashes of cocoaschils and bark of the Kerité (Shea) tree. It is a natural source of Vitamin A, E and iron.

Black soap produces a very rich softening foam and gives the skin a clean and soft feeling. It is a 100% natural and vegan product of origin and is produced in West Africa.

It is good for all types of skin including the older skin because there are no chemicals in it. It can even be used for children. It can be used for the face, body and hair. It is now also very popular among European models because it prevents acne and pimples. The natural ingredients work just fine as a facial cleanser to remove chemicals from makeup and let the skin breathe.

Due to the thorough cleaning of your skin, it is advisable to use Andelia’s African Blacksoap every three days for the face.

Instructions for use in the shower:
1. Break off a small piece of the soap bar, the size of a marble (the normal marble, not the banging or the mega-mega’s). Just take the small piece of broken up with you in the shower and keep the rest of the bar in a place where it will not get wet, this way the soap lasts the longest.

2. Wet the soap and rub it between your hands until foam is formed.

3. Use only the foam, not the soap bar itself, to soak face and body. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm / warm water.
With normal use, even the small piece will take 4 to 5 showers.

Pay attention! it is important that you do not use the soap bar yourself to soak up. The soap bar can contain hard pieces (active charcoal) and it can possibly leave brown spots on the skin.

Instructions for only cleaning the face: If you do not want to take a shower but just want to clean your face, this is another way to use African Blacksoap.

1. Wipe a cotton ball under the tap and wipe it a few times over the African Blacksoap (just give it a good ol rub, as Jamie Oliver would say).

2. Then rub the cotton wool over your face. You see that a light foam layer appears on your face.

3. Wash the soap off your face with a wet washcloth.

DIY Blacksoap shampoo Did you know that you can also make a shampoo with the African Blacksoap? And that’s pretty easy! All you need is: African Blacksoap, distilled water and essential oils of your choice. The proportion of African Blacksoap and distilled water is 1: 5 (for 1 part of blacksoap you use 5 parts of water). In the video below, lifestyle vlogger Adede shows how she makes her African Blacksoap shampoo.


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