Crabwood oil from Santigron / Suriname 100ml / 3.38 fl. oz


Contents: 100ml / 3.38 fl. oz Crabwood oil.

The advantages of Crabwood oil at a glance:
For the hair:
* Prevents hair loss
* Helps against dandruff
* Strengthens the hair
* Helps against head lice

For the skin:
* Helps against wounds / scars
* Prevents eczema & acne
* Helps against muscle pain
* Helps against insect bites

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Crabwood oil from Santigron / Suriname

The krappa (Carapa guianensis, also called andiroba or crabwood) is a tree species from the family Meliaceae (Mahogany family). The tree is found in the Amazon, Central America and the Caribbean. It is a tall tree with a thick foliage. The wood resembles mahogany wood and is used in quality furniture. The vegetable oil that has medicinal properties is extracted from the seeds. The oil is also used as a repellent against insects and for strengthening and nourishing the hair.

The oil is not only anti-inflammatory (ideal for insect bites, acne, irritations …), it also works soothing, nourishing and invigorating. Some even use it to reduce their cellulite and to fight small tips.

The oil is used for many different things. Skin conditions such as fungi, dandruff and eczema. The oil insects are also repellent due to the strong odor. The smell of Krappa oil can be very penetrating but fortunately it disappears after a few minutes.


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