Shea butter unrefined, 100% pure – 200gr / 6.76 fl. oz


Sheabutter is not only one of the wonders of nature, but it is also a very special one. It has been used for thousands of years for skin care, baby care and healing. The Shea tree is considered sacred because of the benefits for the skin, hair, beauty and health. Shea butter also seems to be the secret of the legendary beauty and Egyptian queen Nefertiti. Lets sum up some of the wonders that Sheabutter has to offer:

– Repairs wrinkles, fine lines and scars
– Antioxidants
– Anti-inflammatory properties
– Deep moisturizing effect
– Stimulating for the superficial microcirculation
– Skin strengthening
– Skin protection
– UV protection
– Vitamin A & E

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Sheabutter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree (Butyrospermum parka), which grows on the savannah of West Africa. The English name Shea comes from the Malian name “SII”, which means sacred. The Shea is a sacred tree and it is also treated with great respect. The trees can be up to 60 meters high and up to 200 years old. The tree only starts to bear fruit after 20 years.

Shea butter for care of skin and hair

The wealth of valuable ingredients, the unsaturated fats with a large proportion of the “irreconcilable” components, essential fatty acids, fystosterole, vitamin E and vitamin D, provitamin A and allantoin (as we already mentioned a special miracle of nature) make Sheabutter into a special skin care product. All these ingredients together make Sheabutter a superfood for skin and hair.

Best moisturizing skin care product

Sheabutter is one of the best moisturizing, antideding regenerating and protective natural products in the world. It protects your skin against UV sunlight, the harsh climate, dehydration and other external influences. In addition, it strengthens your skin by stimulating the production of collagen. It makes the skin smoother, more nourished and radiant. So if you suffer from wrinkles, fine lines and / or eye wrinkles, Sheabutter will alleviate these problems by restoring and nourishing the skin.

As a baby care product

Because Sheabutter is all natural, so rich in good ingredients and so moisturizing, it is an ideal product for baby care. It is natural and gentle for every skin type and particularly suitable for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies. It is also a perfect tool as a healer of eczema or diaper rash for babies and children.

DIY: Whipped Sheabutter!
Do you prefer a whipped variant of the Sheabutter? And would you like to make that yourself? Watch this movie from vlogster Adede and follow the steps to make your own whipped Sheabutter.


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